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We bring the classroom to you

The Training Institute of Royal IHC provides a full range of high quality courses in the field of dredging and mining. We cater to all dredge and mining related functions; from the dredging crew to shore side and office personnel. From open courses that are available to the public to customised courses privately for your company.

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A total training solution

With our different types of training, we will be able to advance your crew and personnel to the next level. With our blended learning method, we put theory to practice immediately by combining theory training with case studies, practicums or simulator training. Each training can be provided on different levels: novice, intermediate and experienced. After an intake, we will provide a total solution with different training methods to reach your goal.

  • On the Job training         
  • Theory training
  • Masterclasses
  • Simulator training
  • Technical training

Our total training solutions

Open dredging courses

Open courses

Open courses are available to anyone ready to get ahead in their career.  Learn from the Royal IHC experts and each other, as most participants are working in the field in different functions, organisations and countries.

Our open courses

How investing in training can lead to long-term cost savings:

  • Increased the safety awareness of your crew and personnel
  • Higher efficiency: trained crew know how to use equipment effectively
  • Less downtime due to better use and maintenance of your equipment 
  • Higher crew engagement; less retention as your personnel feels valued by you
  • Greater adaptability as your crew and personnel respond better to changing conditions, such as different dredging conditions, equipment and projects
On the job dredging training

We bring the classroom to you, wherever in the world you are!

Our experienced trainers can travel the world to your preferred location: from your office to the project site. Our dredge simulators fit into a flight case and are mobile to travel anywhere.

Training locations:

  • Training on board
  • Training at your premises
  • Training at the Training Institute located at the Royal IHC shipyard
  • Online training via our interactive studio

Training for everyone

Training is available for every dredge and mining related function. From dredge operators to superintendents, project engineers, dredging management, however also your HR and crewing team. With an extensive portfolio, we are able to cater to all functions.

 CSD OperatorTSHD Pipe OperatorTSHD Nav. OfficerPSD OperatorBeaver EngineerDredging EngineerShoreside StaffProject Engineer
Operator CourseXXXX    
Simulator CourseXXXX    
Radioactive Concentration Meter (RAC)XXXXXX  
Safe Lifting & Pump (dis)assemblyXXXXXX  
Basic Maintenance TrainingXXXXXX  
Introduction into DredgingXXXXXXXX
General Dredging Course      XX
Technical Equipment TrainingXXXXXX  


Download all the relevant training for each job in dredging

Technical dredge training
Theory dredge training
On the job dredge training


What is the difference between an open course and customized course?

An open course is a course available to all on a fixed date and with a fixed curriculum. Customised course are provided privately with a customized curriculum on a date that our client prefers.

I am unsure what training we need to solve our challenge. Can Royal IHC advise me what to do?

Yes, the experienced team from the Training Institute will plan an online meeting to assess the situation and will provide a customized curriculum afterwards.

I only have one participant; do I need to purchase an entire course?
I need a visa to follow a training in the Netherlands, can Royal IHC help me?

We cannot request a visa for you, however we can provide an Visa Invitation letter stating that you will follow a training at our facilities in the Netherlands. This will help you during your Schengen visa application process. 

I can’t find what I need, can Royal IHC still assist me?

Yes, we are able to design courses to cater to your needs. Get in touch with us through the contact button and let us know how we can assist you.

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On the job dredge training

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