Alarm monitoring system in short

The Alarm Monitoring System (AMS) informs the operator in case of abnormal operational condition and/or failure of machinery or systems under monitoring. The system provides all the class required functionalities like: machinery alarm, engineers alarm, cabin call, patrol alarm and alarm routing. Triggers alarm horns and column lights control based on these functionalities. Active alarms, (un)acknowledged, are stored in the alarm list. 

Benefits of our alarm monitoring system:

  • a user-friendly, intuitive touch screen focused human machine interface (HMI)  
  • mimic for process elements assist in finding and presenting information on alarm triggers   
  • use of standardized commercial off-the-shelf hardware   
  • integrated with other Royal IHC control and automation systems  
  • remote servicing, maintenance and software upgrade possibilities 

Incorporate proven solutions

The following proven functionalities can be incorporated into our alarm monitoring system. 

  • alarms classifications: four alarm classes will be defined; emergency (E), alarm (A), warning (W) and caution (C) alarms. 
  • alarm grouping: including delay and inhibiting of each alarm 
  • alarm inhibit list  
  • manned / unmanned machinery space selection. 
  • tank sounding control and monitoring. 

Code generation  

 In-house developed code generation tool massively reduces required engineering effort for the Alarm Monitoring System (AMS). Besides the obvious positive impact on costs this allows for a delayed design freeze in Engineering-to-Order Processes in shipbuilding.   

Build on reliable technology 

AMS is built on the strong fundamentals of proven and reliable PLC/SCADA technology. The AMS can be delivered as a stand-alone system or as part fully integrated automation solution. The system is built up in a centralised architecture and comprises standard of dedicated hardware and software for network, PLC/IO plus dedicated hardware and software for SCADA HMI viewer and server computers.  Alarm panels (LOP) in cabins, public spaces and bridge are foreseen. 

User-friendly and ergonomically design 

Providing a user-friendly touch screen user interface which can be highly integrated with other control systems like vessel management (VMS), Power management (PMS) or the Dredge control system (DCS). It also interfaces to the VDR. 

Alarm monitoring system for dredging operations

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