Dredge track presentation system express in short

DTPS express shows equipment in the correct place in the world, indicated by the connected position and orientation sensor(s), relative to the preferred geodetic settings, to prepare the dredging works and monitor the progress by updating survey depths at the current position of the excavating equipment. 

To grand a flying start DTPS express comes fully pre-configured for the equipment is used on. Only project specific settings need to be added.

Benefits of our dredge track presentation system:

  • modern interface with focus on most vital information
  • one stop shopping for automation software solutions
  • created for dredging vessels
  • created by dredging specialists.

Step-by-step wizard

A comprehensible, step-by-step wizard assists the project surveyor with setting up a project with supplying the correct geographical parameters and project requirements. The focus will always be on the most vital information and settings. More advanced settings to satisfy the most demanding users are more covert, but very much present. The geodetic parameters, vital to correct positioning, may be selected from an installed database. The number of available options can conveniently be reduced by entering an area filter.  Off course baselines, various types of matrices, charts and project designs may be added to the project information. 

The project settings entered through the wizard are used on-board in the online environment.

Dredge track presentation system express

The online environment provides a clear and clean user interface that provides the operator with all necessary current information and settings regarding the vessel in relation to the project and the seabed. Various views of the excavating equipment in relation to the survey or the project design are available. Optionally a touch interface operated 3D view can be added. 

Smart zoom will keep the point that the user deemed important in view. 

The panel layout can be altered and saved as a user profile to ensure the favorite presentation is available to every user. 

DTPS express is a Royal IHC in-house software development providing one stop shopping for, and seamless integration with the equipment and its automation system. When necessary, service calls are handled through one Royal IHC channel providing the correct specialist to effectively solve any issues. 

Key features

  • modern, simplified touch interface, inspired by mobile devices
  • designed to keep focus on most important information
  • multi lingual interface text
  • smart zoom
  • day and night mode
  • step-by-step wizard guided project configuration with built-in project previews
  • able to display Automatic Identification System (AIS) data
  • Electronic Navigation Chart (ENC) possibilities
  • calculations based on environmental sensors such as Gyro, (D)GNSS(-RTK), USBL, tidal and echo sounders
  • seamless integration with Royal IHC software such as IBIS, DPM®, DP/DT, STPM®, DLM®, XPM®
  • office version to merge project data from all vessels active in the project
  • built-in scripting language
  • suitable for dredging and offshore operations
  • suitable for all vessels incorporated in the operation
  • capability to exchange data with usual modern survey packages.
Dredge track presentation system express
Dredge track presentation system express
Dredge track presentation system express

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