Sensors and transmitters in short

The reliability and safety of monitoring and automation systems depends on physical parameters. Therefore, Royal IHC provides robust and reliable sensors and transmitters, that can withstand unforgiving maritime environments. Civil and industrial sensors & transmitters soon fail in this environment, where – marinized, hardened and rugged – IHC Systems sensors & transmitters keep going.

The company can boast of track records with many years of unremittingly operational sensors & transmitters in the dredging, subsea dredging and heavy minerals mining industry.

Benefits of our sensors and transmitters:

  • seamless fit for automation systems
  • based on over 40 years of experience
  • reliable design
  • versatile application and mechanical interface opportunities
  • certified optional extras.

40 years of experience on sensors and transmitters

Based on over 40 years of experience, we saw the need to develop the following sensors in house: 

  • pressure, differential pressure, vacuum sensors, e.g. for use in the mixture pipeline
  • highly accurate draught transmitters with certified sea-inlet
  • radar based hopper level measurements
  • gravity (pendulum) and lever-driven angle measurement, e.g. for use on suction tube or ladders
  • wire-driven linear position measurement, e.g. for detection of spud carrier position, overflow height or swell compensator position
  • proximity sensors
  • radar based spud height measurement

Moreover, we are preferred reseller and can assist in choosing the right position (DGPS) sensor, multi-beam echo sounders and tidal measurements for your job.

Key features

  • robust and built to withstand salt water, dust, sand, clogging, mineral oils, extreme temperatures, violent vibrations, and load variations
  • protection class to IP68 for water depths of up to 300m (depending on application)
  • high level of accuracy, according to industry standards
  • durable, with the ability to withstand abrasive processes and impact
  • resistant to water hammer
  • adjustable mechanical interfaces compensate for alignment error
  • dedicated submersible cable sets and underwater connectors
  • underwater pressure testing up to 30MPa (ca. 300 bar).
Integrated density velocity sensor
Integrated density velocity sensor
Separate density velocity sensor
Separate density velocity sensor
Sprinter overflow position
Sprinter overflow position
Sprinter swell compensator position
Sprinter swell compensator position
Suction inlet depth sensor
Suction inlet depth sensor
Vacuum pressure sensor
Vacuum pressure sensor
Density sensor

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