Learning goals

  • set-up dredging projects and optimize running dredging projects
  • calculate and interpret the cost of dredging projects based on industry standards
  • perform risk analyses
  • set-up the overall and financial planning
  • know how to follow up a dredging project.

Location and duration

This training is held either digitally or on site at the IHC Training Institute in Kinderdijk, The Netherlands. The course takes five days. 

Note: we can customize and personalize this, or any other, training to your specific needs and wishes. Contact us for more information.

Training topics

The course will give insight on the following topics: 

  • different dredging applications within ports, rivers, and coastal areas, such as maintenance dredging, capital dredging and environmental dredging
  • dredging equipment types and boundaries for their use 
  • cutter suction and trailing suction hopper dredger layout and components 
  • practical aspects of dredging operations 
  • fundamentals of hydraulic transportation and dredge pumps 
  • scoping site conditions, for example soil characteristics, environmental aspects and meteorological condition
  • dredge project phases, including identification, investigation, feasibility studies, design, construction and maintenance
  • dredge project management, including costs and contracts.
Students dredging course
Students dredging course
Explanation dredging course

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