Learning goals

  • analysing the processes involved in hydraulic slurry transport
  • performing pump calculations
  • assessing the interaction between pump, drive and pipelines.

Location and duration

This is an online course and is taught to you live from our digital studio. The course consists of four days with digital lectures and case studies. Times of the online teachings will depend on the region of the majority of the participants. 

Note: we can customize and personalize this, or any other, training to your specific needs and wishes. Contact us for more information.

Training topics

The course will focus on different aspects of the pump and slurry process, such as:

  • dredge pump and drive characteristics 
  • dynamic effects (pump and drives)
  • pipeline systems 
  • the interaction between pump, drive and pipelines
  • the influence of solid particles 
  • dynamic effects in the pump – pipeline systems  
  • the fundamentals of hydraulic transportation and dredge pumps.
Introduction dredging
Slurry pump
Slurry through dredge pipe system

More information?

  • Kirsten Orsel

    Event Coordinator, IHC Training Institute (ITI)

Slurry through dredge pipe system


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