Learning goals

  • taking preventive measures for the safe handling of radioactive devices
  • recognising the risks of radiation
  • understanding safety procedures when working with radioactive sources.

Location and duration

This one-day training is held at the IHC Training Insitute in Kinderdijk, The Netherlands – right at the Royal IHC construction yard. Depending on health regulations, the training may be held digitally.

Note: we can customize and personalize this, or any other, training to your specific needs and wishes. Contact us for more information.

Training topics

The following topics will be covered during this training:

  • measuring slurry concentration
  • what is radioactivity? 
  • the principle of radioactivity used during measurement 
  • the dangers of radioactivity 
  • concentration meter construction
  • operating and maintenance instructions (concentration meter) 
  • safety 
  • legislation.

Kindly note that this training will be given in Dutch and is based on Dutch legislation. It however can also be taught in English upon request. The topic of radioactive concentration meters will be taught theoretically, but aims to prepare attendees for the practical use of the device. Graduates of the programme are subsequently certified to work with a concentration meter (open/close radiation valve).

Students dredging course
Concentration meter and velocity meter

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Radioactive concentration meter


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