Dredging Control System on Arazena

Dredging vessel automation

Enhance your fleet's capabilities with integrated and connected automation solutions that enable safe, sustainable and efficient dredging operations.

Dredging vessel automation: integrated and connected

Our smart, integrated and connected automation solutions, powered by AI and machine learning, are a game-changer for your dredging operations. Our solutions provide insight in the performance of your assets, leading to better-informed, data driven decisions and improved operational results.

Dredging control system

Dredging automation

With our specialised dredging automation solutions we enhance precision and accuracy in your dredging processes. Key operational parameters help your operators avoid under- and over-dredging and ensure precise vessel positioning, even in challenging conditions.

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Process trailing

Vessel automation

The vessel automation solutions of Royal IHC optimise every aspect of your vessel operations. Real-time onboard monitoring, improved navigational efficiency, and optimum power utilisation ensure smoother sailing for you.

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Sensors and transmitters

Our sensors and transmitters collect critical data for our automation and monitoring systems to ensure accurate and reliable performance. Explore our range of sensors and transmitters here.


Training your staff and crew in a ‘real’ vessel and dredging project alike environment? With our specialised dredging training simulators, you can improve your crew and personnel's dredging efficiency, process awareness and safety. 

Upgrade your fleet 

Royal IHC offers tailor-made solutions for the upgrade of existing vessels and assets with the latest in automation and monitoring technology. We optimise your fleet for increased efficiency and safety, ensuring long-term competitiveness in the  maritime industry.

Navigating the future of a connected world

Future design of trailing suction hopper dredger

Autonomous operations

The trend towards greater autonomy and the integration of decision support systems into vessel operations represents a significant change in maritime practice. This transformation not only addresses the ongoing crew shortage, but also improves efficiency and safety on board. We foresee a future where dredgers will operate largely autonomously, requiring minimal human intervention.

Next phase in autonomous dredging: assisted autonomy

Connected world


Our digital solutions provide remote access to your vessel or asset, giving you 24/7 insight into its performance and condition. With remote access to critical data, asset owners, operators and superintendents can quickly resolve issues, optimise utilisation and maintenance schedules, and monitor performance, regardless of location.

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Dredging control system Arzana

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