Dredging control system for cutter dredgers

Dredging automation

Improve the efficiency of your dredging operations with our dredging automation solutions. Designed to meet the demands of modern dredging projects.

Unlocking the benefits of dredging automation

Dredging efficiency starts with accuracy, requiring thorough preparation and continuous monitoring throughout the process. Royal IHC's dredging automation solutions optimise this process and offer unparalleled benefits to dredging operators:

  • Accurate dredging
    Our systems provide accurate, real-time information. This enables accurate dredging from start to finish.
  • Increased productivity
    Our solutions increase productivity and enable more efficient dredging operations by optimising planning and execution.
  • Flexibility
    Our systems enable you to respond quickly to changing circumstances.
  • Safety first
    Minimising risks during dredging is paramount. Our automation systems help to reduce risk and ensure safer operations.

User-friendly automation systems 

Built on a century of dredging experience and reliable and proven PLC/SCADA technology, our dredging automation systems are designed to integrate seamlessly into your operations. Our solutions provide the user with an easy to use, intuitive interface and robust functionality.

Integrated automation solutions

Gain complete control of your dredging vessel by integrating Royal IHC's advanced automation systems. Enabling you to achieve maximum efficiency and operational superiority. The seamless integration of dredging automation systems and marine automation systems empowers you to monitor and control your operations with unparalleled precision.

Dredge simulator

Mastering dredging automation

Improve crew proficiency on dredging automation systems with our training simulators. Crew can sharpen their skills in handling on-board automation to ensure optimum performance. 

Explore our simulators for comprehensive in-house training solutions

Dredging control system for cutter dredgers

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