Alarm Monitoring System

Marine automation systems

Our marine automation systems empower dredging operations with outstanding efficiency and reliability.

Optimised performance for seamless operations

Royal IHC's Marine Automation Systems offer a wealth of benefits:

  • Increased reliability
    Minimise unplanned downtime, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted dredging operations.
  • Maintenance optimisation
    Schedule maintenance based on actual needs, reducing operating costs and maximising efficiency.
  • Informed decision-making
    Use real-time data and insights to make informed decisions, resulting in more effective operations.
  • Efficient energy use
    Reduce emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Cost savings
    Experience cost reductions in areas such as fuel consumption, maintenance and downtime.

User-friendly solutions rooted in a century of dredging expertise

Built on a century of dredging experience and reliable and proven PLC/SCADA technology, our vessel automation systems are designed to integrate seamlessly into your operations. Our solutions provide the user with an easy to use, intuitive interface and robust functionality. 

Advanced sensors and transmitters

Royal IHC sensors and transmitters collect critical data for our automation systems, ensuring accurate and reliable performance. Explore our range of sensors and transmitters here.

Gain total control with integrated vessel automation

Integrating Royal IHC's automation systems gives you total control of your vessel, enabling maximum efficiency and operational excellence. With seamless integration of marine and dredging automation systems, you can manage your operations with unparalleled efficiency and control.

Alarm Monitoring System

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