Board of Directors

Royal IHC is managed by the Board of Directors. Its members are responsible for the company’s strategy and policy as well as supervising its day-to-day activities. The Board of Directors is appointed by the Supervisory Board, to which it also reports.

Dave Vander Heyde, Chief Executive Officer

Dave Vander Heyde is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Royal IHC and has been with the company since 15 December 2011. Vander Heyde began his career in the financial sector at the Belgische Kredietbank NV. He then went on to work for the Jan De Nul Group, where he acquired extensive knowledge of the markets in which IHC operates. Before becoming CEO on 1 September 2016, he was IHC’s CFO.

Yolanda Bolleurs, Chief Financial Officer a.i.

Yolanda Bolleurs joined Royal IHC in December 2019 as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). She has extensive experience in large transformations within several energy related companies.

Gert-Jan Antvelink, Chief Transformation Officer

Gert-Jan Antvelink joined Royal IHC in July 2019 as Chief Transformation Officer (CTO). He has extensive experience in managing large-scale change processes at various organisations.