Samen voor Zambia (Together for Zambia)

Contributing to a better future for young people in Zambia

Royal IHC is supporting Samen voor Zambia in order to contribute to a better future for younger people in Zambia. Together we aim to provide them with education and employment opportunities in the metal industry.

The fundamental objectives of this project include:

  • to supply machinery for the workshop, and personal protective equipment for students and employees in order to improve safety during the manufacturing of products for the Zambian market
  • to share knowledge on the safe and optimal use – and maintenance – of the machinery.

IHC’s contribution to Samen voor Zambia

The assistance provided on behalf of the IHC Foundation helped to enable the implementation of the Metal Fabrication Course at Chikupi Vocational Centre. In 2013, the IHC Foundation made a financial donation to aid with the purchase of basic classroom furniture.

In 2014, an IHC employee travelled to Zambia to assist with the installation of the machinery, and to explain how the machines work and how to maintain them. Following this, in 2015, two teachers from the project visited IHC’s training centre in Kinderdijk, where they were provided with the tools required to improve the educational programme in Zambia.

“We once again express our gratitude to IHC for its support and collaboration. Our appreciation of the company’s solidarity with the young people of the Chikupi area cannot be expressed with our lips, but with our hearts.” – Anna and Ueli Schàˆli (Chikupi Vocational Centre)

Samen voor Zambia is a collaboration between the Hetty Denen Foundation and 5xbeter. The latter is a cooperative project between the Dutch employers’ organisation and trade unions representing the metal industry which aims to improve working conditions in production facilities.

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