Simanyene Secondary School

Contributing to a more sustainable future for Simanyene Secondary School in South Africa

Creating self-sustaining sports for Simanyene 

In line with Royal IHC’s commitment to creating better prospects for young people in need, the IHC Foundation has been helping to create a more sustainable future for Simanyene Secondary School in Somerset West, South Africa.

Founded in 1999, Simanyene Secondary School has around 1,400 students. Its location is a widely disadvantaged area, with a large portion of students coming from single parent families or living with their grandmothers in nearby squatter camps. 

As a government-funded school, Simanyene’s income only covers the essential items such as text books and laboratory equipment. No money is available for additional sporting facilities, nor to be able to sustain them.

The IHC  Foundation donated money to fund a self-sufficient soccer field. Due for completion in 2017, the project includes solar panels on the roof of the school that will generate a self-sustaining electricity source. This will be used to operate a water pump, that will be installed to access available groundwater to irrigate and maintain the grass.

Moreover, the foundation planted the soccer field with new grass and provided sportswear for the students to wear.