World Vision

Contributing to a better life for child workers of the shipbreaking industry in Bangladesh

The IHC Foundation has joined forces with charitable organisation World Vision to tackle child labour in shipbreaking yards. On the beach of Chittagong, Bangladesh, around 200 ships each year are dismantled under harsh conditions. Torn muscles, broken bones, burns, amputations and psychological traumas are just some of the health risks associated with the job. A terrible situation, especially as one in four labourers is underage.

The IHC Foundation against child labour

World Vision provides training sessions covering the importance of education and children’s rights. The project, which started in August 2015, has provided sixty children with the opportunity to leave their jobs at the shipbreaking yards and participate in a combined training and work programme.

In partnership with the IHC Foundation, World Vision also addresses the working conditions at the shipbreaking yards. The organisation aims to raise awareness within the maritime industry and ultimately aims to completely change the working conditions of the dismantling industry in Bangladesh.
Bert-Jan de Keijzer, Executive Committee member, IHC Foundation: “Dismantling ships in these kinds of conditions should not be allowed – especially when underage workers are concerned. This initiative is a great first step towards offering these children an alternative.”

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