'We keep you breathing'

IHC Hytech designs and manufactures special hyperbaric equipment for governmental organisations, including customs, army engineering corps, navy special forces and the coastguards.

The needs of governmental organisations vary from commercial diving organisations. Specific operational requirements, such as lightweight, transportable and low magnetic profiles, are common. IHC Hytech has almost 30 years of experience in equipment specifically designed for special operational use of all kinds.

IHC Hytech can offer a total package, whether it’s a portable or integrated system. Some of the versatile systems we manufacture include:

  • Containerised decompression chambers.
  • Mixed gas production units (EAN/oxygen).
  • Machinery containers.
  • Compact dive control systems.
  • Low magnetic solutions.
  • Search and rescue packages.
  • Fly away diving systems.

decompression chamber with supplies in container

five containers with supplies

decompression chamber in container with DArt

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