From IHC Hytech

08 August 2017: Life Support container awarded

Newsflash July 2017-E10

01 August 2017: Service News - BSI certified

Newsflash July 2017-E9

26 July 2017: Training at customer-site in Malaysia

Newsflash July 2017-E8

17 July 2017: In stock Hot Water Machine

Newsflash July 2017-E7

29 June 2017: Shipment 2 Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS)

Newsflash June 2017-E6

28 June 2017: In stock 20 ft Offshore container with Decompression Chamber  

Newsflash June 2017-E5

06 June 2017: Internal training IHC Hytech

Newsflash June 2017-E4

29 May 2017: In Stock 2x MK1 LARS

Newsflash May 2017-E3

18 May 2017: Oxygen cleaning room IHC Hytech

Newsflash May 2017-E2 


01 May 2017: Assemble facility IHC Hytech

Newsflash May 2017-E1 


29 March 2017: New website IHC Hytech

Official release of the IHC Hytech business unit on the Royal IHC website.


18 January 2017: IHC Hytech secures order for hyperbaric oxygen chamber