'We keep you breathing'

For more than two decades, IHC Hytech has been actively involved in the design and manufacture of certified decompression/hyperbaric chamber systems, which are installed in tunnel-boring machines (TBMs).

IHC Hytech specialises in delivering man lock chambers for transfer under pressure, which are integrated in the pressure shield of TBMs. In addition, we also supply complete turnkey packages with man transfer shuttles, decompression and medical chambers, and hyperbaric living habitats. IHC Hytech provides life-cycle support for all the systems it supplies.

Tunnelling systems vary in their dimensions and specifications, depending on the project requirements. This influences the design of the decompression chamber/hyperbaric systems needed for intervention activities.

IHC Hytech will ensure maximum flexibility and cooperation in order to design and develop the requested custom-built system together with the customer. Working in this way ensures our customers receive an optimised system design/delivery and suitable solutions that meet all the needs of any tunnelling project.

All equipment is built in compliance with the requirements of renowned international certification authorities. In addition, surveyor inspections are carried out during the essential stages of the design and manufacturing process.

tunnelling project with four chambers

gas reclaim system

special air lock chamber with transfer shuttle

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