High availability of state-of-the-art, integrated equipment and tools

Contractors demand reliable, cost-efficient and sustainable solutions. They need equipment that increases efficiency, is reliable and enables them to do what they do best. When it comes to foundations or installations in the offshore wind, oil and gas, or coastal and civil engineering markets, IHC IQIP’s equipment is suitable for any project. We have the largest and most diverse rental fleet in the world, which is readily available through our local representatives.

Our innovative equipment is among the most cutting-edge available in the market. We use the experience gained on previous projects both on- and offshore, to help us continually develop our solutions, and research new products and methodologies. IQIP enables customers to overcome challenges with its complete product portfolio, large and diverse rental fleet, and can also create tailor-made solutions if required in unique cases.

IQIP’s equipment is reliable, safe and sustainable. Indeed, the first Hydrohammer sold in the early 80’s is still operational, performing well and proved to be very reliable in different circumstances. In addition, the technology used in our internal lifting tool (based on our ‘fail-safe’ principle), which is used to raise enormous monopiles, also highlights our commitment to safety. When the tool loses hydraulic power, even the biggest monopile (up to 1,350t) remains secure. And we keep improving, with our water technology used in the Waterhammer we work on sustainable equipment for a better environment.

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