IHC Hydrohammer

Welcome to IHC Hydrohammer – a former business unit of Royal IHC. In 2015, we became part of IHC IQIP, together with IHC Sea Steel, IHC Handling Systems and IHC Fundex Equipment.

As part of IHC IQIP, we utilise a professional production process and extensive testing procedures to ensure that our solutions are of the highest standard. Our full service approach means less interfaces, one contract, one partner, one crew – and ultimately reduced risks and lower costs. Combining both standard equipment with the ability to offer tailor-made solutions through in-house engineering enables us to help customers overcome any challenge.

We provide state-of-the-art equipment for use in the on- and offshore foundation markets, such as Hydrohammers and Fundex foundation rigs. Through constant innovation, we develop new piling techniques, foundation equipment and hammer accessories, with a view to making pile-driving more efficient, more controllable, quieter and more widely usable. We offer an extensive range of Hydrohammer models, and our patented Noise Mitigation System (NMS) – the only proven technology for offshore noise reduction, and complete support before, during and after pile installation.

IHC IQIP is a globally operating market leader, which supplies innovative equipment and smart solutions for foundation, installation and decommissioning in the oil and gas, offshore wind and coastal and civil markets. It draws on more than 200 years of combined experience and expertise, and a passion for service and innovation to meet the demands of a broad customer base.