Concept design & engineering

In today’s markets, custom-made and smart solutions are the ideal way to tackle unique and complex challenges. Concept design and engineering is one of the most effective ways of ensuring you have a state-of-the-art solution to help you get the job done. IHC IQIP has a proud history as an innovative tailor-made solutions company, having gained extensive experience through various on- and offshore installation or removal projects. 

We are committed to thinking from our customer’s perspective, and in terms of the solutions that will work best for them. This begins with our experienced sales team, and continues right through to product handover. Traditional concept design usually involves the creation of drawings and blueprints only, but these lack the accompanying feasibility studies. 

At IHC IQIP we go much further than this and are able to progress the basic design of our concepts. This proposition is ideally suited to the market, because customers can see how the concept will work in practice. By taking concept design to the next level, we are able to paint a fuller picture of the solution, and create something more tangible for our customers. 

Limitless possibilities
Our goal is to help customers overcome any challenge by developing tailor-made solutions to meet their specific demands. We continuously invest in research and development to make sure we possess the in-house knowledge and expertise to create new products from scratch, as well as test the latest innovations. 

We also invest heavily in our manufacturing capabilities. This ensures our engineering department is well equipped to adapt our existing range of equipment to the job at hand. In addition, if a project requires a completely new solution, we can formulate a cutting-edge concept based on proven and tested technology. 

An integrated approach
IHC IQIP is also able to manufacture a complete product, including procurement of all parts and thorough testing before handover. Our facilities meet the highest standards in the industry and comply with all relevant safety regulations. We are committed to maintaining the highest offshore manufacturing standards, which includes tracing all construction materials to their source.

IHC IQIP’s complete equipment portfolio combined with its ability to offer tailor-made solutions for unique challenges, has resulted in its outstanding reputation as a supplier of integrated solutions. This means that regardless of the size of a project, our customers have access to customised, innovative solutions through a single point of contact.