IHC IQIP's move to Sliedrecht

In the last newsletter we informed you about our movement to a new yard in Sliedrecht. Since then we worked hard on making it ready and we are happy that everything is going as planned. As per December we will begin the relocation of our Kinderdijk- and Delfgauw- based activities to this new location. The move of our office personal into our new head office is planned for this year. The complete production facilities will be moved in the first quarter of 2017.

This new location has long history as an IHC shipyard for dredgers and over the last months it has been completely upgraded to accommodate IHC IQIP’s headoffice, main warehouse and production yard. Construction is almost finished and the result is a state-of-the-art facility that enables us to design, build and maintain even the biggest Hydrohammers and handling tools. All activities will comply with the latest safety requirements and are suited to fully service our clients.

The yard enables us to engineer, produce and maintain almost all equipment at one site. This will speed up production, increase efficiency, reduce costs and create a safe working environment. It also offers ample space for us to expand further. It offers the capacity to handle multiple activities, such as the assembly of Hydrohammers, tools and frames, and the storage of rental fleet equipment. There will also be an excellent test facility on site to evaluate equipment before it is commissioned. As the site is located near to the river Merwede, goods can be transported easily over water. Alternatively, our customers can collect equipment on the way to projects all over the world.

Sliedrecht will become our head office and main production facility. The engineering and fabrication of the Fundex rigs will remain in Goes. Furthermore, the yards and footholds in France, Germany, UK, Singapore, China, Australia and the USA are in place to offer our customers local availability of equipment, maintenance and other services.

With this relocation we are taking the next step to building one strong organisation. IHC IQIP was established one and a half year ago to combine four former business units – IHC Hydrohammer, IHC Handling Systems, IHC Sea Steel and IHC Fundex Equipment. As one organization we can integrate all our equipment and service an offer our customers a complete package. 

We will personally inform our customers and suppliers when the exact dates are available and about the consequences for their business with us. We hope to welcome you as soon as we have settled into our new home in Sliedrecht.