Track Record

Extensive experience proving our capabilities in all our core markets

Proven track record

Contractors, developers and financiers involved in offshore wind, oil and gas, and coastal and civil construction projects, need to be able to trust every stakeholder throughout the entire lifetime of a project. This lowers the risks during the project to a minimum and ensures that the end result meets expectations. Contractors who are responsible for the realisation of the construction, must be able to rely on all sub-contractors and suppliers of equipment and services involved.  Working with reliable partners is the only way to guarantee the project’s success, and that it is delivered on time, on budget and in a safe environment. 


Over the past few decades, we have built up an unrivalled track record for developing, engineering and manufacturing high-quality equipment, advisory and value added services. Within our approach, all our solutions can be integrated, which helps us to reduce risk, increase efficiency and help our customers minimise downtime on the project. In short, it creates certainty and lowers costs.

Our extensive experience and technical expertise have helped us to build a solid reputation as a reliable and cost-efficient supplier of services and equipment for on- and offshore installation and decommissioning. To see examples of our successful projects, please click on the attached track records for each market (segment) and our case studies.

Track Record Coastal & Civil

Track Record Offshore