Dynamic behaviour and drive train anlysis

Our experts of IHC MTI know best in what ways the performance of the ship is influenced by the dynamical behaviour of the ship and the equipment on board:

  • Workability is often defined by the capability of ship and equipment to cope with wave induced motions.
  • Ship drive trains and equipment introduce different dynamic phenomena such as noise and vibration.

Customers therefore approach IHC MTI for design consultancy about workability and vibration limits, workability analysis of existing equipment and experimental analysis. 

IHC MTI experts of dynamic behaviour and design have performed workability analyses for major dredging contractors all around the world and troubleshooting of electric motor noise for a major offshore customer. 

Research is done in the field of future drive train concepts and components to improve the fuel flexibility and reduce operational costs for our clients while maintaining the workability of the equipment. Special attention is given to complying with (future) emission legislations by using alternative fuels, other prime-movers and hybridisation.