Materials developement

Through many decades of research and development IHC MTI has gained vast knowledge about cast irons and steels and their behaviour in harsh environments. IHC MTI uses this knowledge for the development and improvement of cast wear resistant materials, for solving corrosion protection issues and the optimisation of application areas of different materials.

Research is done in the field of metal- and materials science. Physical metallurgy of cast irons and steels and numerical simulation of casting and metal deformation processes are only two of the focus areas that IHC MTI material experts work in.

Due to the mostly challenging conditions IHC’s vessels and equipment must operate in, high grade of wear resistance of materials is one of basic requirements. Special focus is therefore laid on new types of advanced wear resistant cast steels and irons as well as coatings and overall corrosion protection of alloys. 

A recent example for  successful material development is the introduction of a new wear resistant material for IHC dredge pumps that is called austempered ductile iron (ADI). The standing time of this new material is almost two times higher compared to the cast steel used until now  while manufacturing costs are very similar.