Soil and rock mechanics

Activities in the area of expertise of soil and rock properties and behaviour are the research on soil behaviour on (dredging) equipment and soil analyses of different materials. Emphasis is mainly put on the implication of soil properties on dredging and mining equipment. Results of this research and analyses are used for 

This knowledge in soil and rock mechanics has been applied on various projects in the last years. MTI experts performed experimental investigation on the effect of hyperbaric pressure on rock cutting process for example. Other important activities are geospatial interpolation, geo-consultancy and investigation of soil-pile interaction to name only a few.
IHC MTI’s experienced engineers have the opportunity and knowledge to perform soil and rock laboratory analysis for different materials (sand, clay, rock) for dredging, mining and geotechnical projects in MTI’s in-house soil laboratory. 

Knowledge transfer and preservation
The development of a WearGuide for the wear and cost analysis of cutter suction dredgers (CSD) and trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHD) and the GeoTool – a computer program for the spatial analysis of soil and rock properties – help us to transfer our knowledge to others but also preserve it for the future.