Sustainability and environment

IHC MTI’s has built up extensive knowledge in sustainability and environment in the last decades which manifests itself in studies about the sustainable planning of projects, methods and equipment design as well as the prediction of the potential environmental effects of dredging, mining and offshore projects and mitigation alternatives.

Dredging and reclamation
In the field of dredging and reclamation environmental specialists of IHC MTI are often approached to identify significant environmental aspects and perform assessments of the environmental performance of projects, methods and equipment. Furthermore, with their expertise they make a contribution to sustainable product development and improved equipment efficiency within Royal IHC. Product improvement with sustainability in mind will in the end always benefit in the customers’ operations.

Dredge mining and alluvial operations
Companies working in dredge mining alluvial operation often face environmental restrictions from government and other authorities. Assessments of environmental impact of projects for mining companies are therefore no rarity. These may also result in the design and development of prevention, control and mitigation measures.

For many products and services of our customers IHC MTI environmental specials perform life cycle assessments.