Devco Sulphur Bentonite Plant

IHC Robbins completed the Engineering Design and Procurement of equipment for Devco Australia Holdings’ new sulphur bentonite plant at BP Oils, Bulwer Island refinery site in Brisbane.

With the reduction of sulphur content in diesel fuels in 2000, fuel refineries have been producing considerably more sulphur as a result of the distilling process. Markets for sulphur have grown for use in the agricultural industry.

BP Oil in a joint venture with United States based Devco International formed Devco Australia Holdings to produce sulphur based products at BP Oil’s Bulwer Island Refinery.

IHC Robbins were approached by BP Oil and consequently designed and procured the new sulphur bentonite plant. The plant produces sulphur bentonite pastilles at 6TPH.

During the project IHC Robbins provided the site safety documentation to comply with stringent occupational health and safety regulations at the refinery. This has been well received and as a result BP Oil adopted the Site Safety Handbook IHC Robbins submitted for the project.


Location:              Queensland | Australia

Client:                   Devco Australia Holdings

Services:              Services, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management