SEPR Industrial Ceramics Plant - Q1

IHC Robbins completed the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) of SEPR Australia’s new Industrial Ceramics Plant. The plant is designed for the production of high grade electrofused zirconia products.

Although the existing building was utilised along with many of the existing services, IHC Robbins designed and constructed a new Electric Arc Furnace, Batch Feed System and Quench Line to produce the new product.

The Quench Line in particular dramatically reduced overheads by way of labour and increased the level of occupational health and safety when dealing with molten ceramic materials.  This equipment was such an innovation that SEPR’s parent company, Saint-Gobain ordered two new units for their United States plant in Huntsville Alabama.

One of the more difficult challenges during this project involved the reduction of fume emissions discharged from the exhaust stack of the Electric Arc Furnace. It was foreseen in the preliminary stages of the project that this would be a make or break issue regarding the project continuing.

Through a combination of close liaison with the Environmental Protection Agency and IHC Robbins engineering solutions, SEPR were granted a permanent licence after levels of NoX (Nitrous Oxides) were consistently below safe dispersion levels.


Location:              Brisbane | Australia

Client:                   SEPR Australia

Services:              Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management