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Making your movements possible

IHC Vremac Cylinders is a modern designer and manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, swivels and piston accumulators. Our products are designed to operate in harsh conditions in the dredging, offshore, civil engineering (bridges and lock gates) and heavy machinery markets.

our products

  • Hydraulic cylinders

    IHC Vremac Cylinders has translated custom-built cylinders into modular components. This cylinder programme provides you with maximum flexibility and lean dimension cylinders.

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  • Piston accumulators

    From its well-equipped production facilities, IHC Vremac Cylinders produces a standard range of piston accumulators to the highest technical standards.

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  • Swivels

    IHC Vremac Cylinders designs and manufactures swivels that run from one channel up to any number of required connections, with a track record of 20 successful connections.

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A wide range of dimensions and applications

We design and manufacture cylinders and piston accumulators up to a bore of 1,000mm and/or 15m in length.

We service the following markets:

  • Dredging and offshore – as a result of our extensive experience with hydraulics and water, we are able to deliver safe and reliable cylinders designed to operate in harsh conditions.
  • Civil engineering – IHC has been involved in a wide range of projects for locks, gates and dams, from the Dutch waterways to the Panama Canal lock cylinders.
  • Transport and loading – our products can be found on a variety of equipment transported on wheels, such as moving (trailer) floor applications, passenger-handling vehicles and high-end agricultural machinery.
  • Recycling and demolition – we have developed extensive knowledge of fatigue issues, vital when tools are used with very high dynamic peak loads and extreme decompression rates.
  • Onshore – we supply cylinders for skidding systems, piling machines, bending equipment, presses, handling equipment and steel mill systems.
  • Heavy lifting – for safe lifting activities we offer the MaXine PHC with a range of 50-500t.