Global 1200 DP 2 Derrick pipe lay vessel

In 2005, Vuyk was contracted to perform a part of the basic design of the GLOBAL 1200 Derrick Pipelay Vessel. The G1200 design work has been performed for Houston based Global Industries. The design project was performed in several stages of development, which have taken about 3 years.


Principal dimensions

Length overall
 162.27 m
Length between perpendiculars  150.67 m
Breadth moulded  32.20 m
Depth moulded  16.10 m
Depth freeboard deck  9.10 m
Operational draught  6.62 m


Lifting characteristics

The vessel is fitted with one 1 200 metric ton AmClyde post crane with the following characteristics:

 Fixed over the stern 1200 ton
 •Fully revolving 900 ton

Furthermore the crane is fitted with an auxiliary hoist and a whip hoist.

Pipelay equipment and capabilities

The vessel will have the capability for pipe laying up to 60-inch pipe diameter. For this purpose amongst others the following equipment is installed:

  • • Three tensioners for a total tension capacity of 375 ton
  • • A 400/125 metric ton dual wire abandonment & recovery (A&R) system
  • • Eight beach pull (anchor) winches


The GLOBAL 1200 is classed by American Bureau of Shipping as a A1 - Crane / Pipe Laying Vessel (E) AMS ACCU DPS-2 Self-Propelled

Vuyk scope of work

Vuyk performed the basic arrangement works, the engineering of the marine systems, the design and engineering of the hull, superstructures and helideck steel structures.

The basic scantlings of the hull structures were based on Class regulations and direct calculations and verified by a global hull Finite Element Analysis.
As Global Industries required the G1200 to perform lifting operations while pipelay works are ongoing, considerable studies of the hull wave bending moments were performed by Vuyk. For this, Vuyk took advantage of their experience with the AQWA software application to generate the maximum expected wave bending moment during pipelay conditions. With this data, Vuyk was able to optimize the structural hull design using a more detailed ANSYS model.
The G1200 project demonstrates how Vuyk is able to make a valuable contribution to a major offshore ship development project. During discussions with the owners, suppliers and class, Vuyk has demonstrated that it is able to find the solution which fits best into a total design.

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