Self propelled Jack up vessel

After being involved in several projects related to (semi) jack-ups and jacking systems, Vuyk produced the complete design, from concept to basic design, of a wind turbine installation jack-up for a Taiwanese customer in cooperation with IHC sister units. The scope included assistance in defining the functional specifications and the hull, legs and jacking system design up to class approval.

The vessel will be capable of transporting and installing equipment such as 4 x typical 3.6/4.0 MW, 2 x typical
5.0/6.0 MW offshore wind turbines or a 700 t jacket. Furthermore, it can be utilised as a liftboat in the oil and gas market. The basic ABS-class approved design will be ready in the third quarter of 2015.

 Main dimensions:    
 Length overall 79.8
 Width overall 38.2 m
 Distance between legs (longitudinal) 51.6 m
 Distance between legs (transverse) 30.0 m
 Leg length 85.0 m
 Hull depth 7.0 m
 Draft 5.2 m
 Design speed 8.3 kn


 Jacking system:  
 Type  MUNS hydraulic jacking system 
 Drive  Electro-hydraulic
 Capacity  4,800 t preload/leg
 Elevating speed (effective)  
 • Platform lifting  0.25 m/min (recycling)
 • Platform lowering  0.25 m/min (recycling)
 • Leg lifting  0.6 m/min
 • Leg lowering  0.6 m/min
 Payload  2,500 t


Lifting gear:   
 Main hoist SWL 800 t @ 26 m 
 Hoisting height above deck  105 m
 Auxiliary hoist SWL  100 t @ 87 m
 Working deck:  
 Main deck area  1,900 m2
 Main deck load capacity  12 t/m2
 DP system:  
 Designed for DP operation according to DPS-2 regulations  
 Aft  2 azimuth thrusters 2,200 kW each
 Fore  2 azimuth retractable thrusters 2,000 kW each
 Helideck (optional):  
 Structure prepared for Sikorsky S-70 or equivalent  
 Accommodation:  72 (42) people using single and double berths

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