HAM 602 cable lay system

The existing stone dump vessel ‘HAM 602’ owned and operated by Van Oord has been modified into a cable lay vessel. Vuyk has performed the design and engineering work for the cable lay equipment and for the required modifications of the vessel construction. Furthermore, motion analyses have been performed and the workability has been determined.

The Cable Lay System includes:

  • 3 Reels
  • Spooling Device
  • Roller Track
  • Cable Length Compensator
  • Tensioner
  • Chute
  • Separate Storage for assembled Cable Protection Systems
  • Crane

The shovels and bunker separation walls for the stone dumping installation have been kept onboard. These are used to support and to protect the equipment.

 Main characteristics   
 Storage capacity per reel  650 ton 
 Optional extension to  1000 ton
 Cable Diameter  105-145 mm
 Max Spooling Speed  2000  m/hr
 Min Bend Radius   2.5 m


The drums have a length of 12 meter. The diameter of the outer shields is 6.2 meter for two of the reels and 7.5 meter for one reel. By increasing this diameter to 9 meter the full capacity of 1000 ton can addressed without any further modifications. The reels are electrically powered with drives on both shaft ends of the drum. The drum is supported by spherical bearings.

Spooling device

The cable is guided by 2 rotating bows. The bows are aligned with hydraulic cylinders. The upper bow is mounted on the carriage, which is moved by a chain drive. The lower bow is supported directly on the vessel construction.


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