90,000t Submersible Heavy Transport Vessel

Vuyk has developed the concept and basic design for a 90,000t DWT submersible Heavy Transport vessel. The vessel is built by GSI in China for COSCO Heavy Transport.

The hull design is performed by Finite Element Analysis, of the entire hull, to ensure the vessel is capable of transporting extraordinary cargos such as topsides, accommodation barges and drilling rigs.The ballast system has been designed to the minimise the ballasting time. Ballast intake is by gravity way and deballasting by means of air pressure pushing. Part of the design scope of work Vuyk performed was the determination of the submerging and refloating procedures and durations.

This project is a good example of Vuyk's expertise in ship design, heavy equipment design and marine operations engineering. Having all this expertise combined in one company is a major benefit for (work) vessel owners who aim to develop their own designs using the expertise and knowledge of Vuyk.


Principal Dimensions

Length overall  255.0 m 
 Breadth moulded 68.0 m
 Depth moulded 14.5 m
 Draught fully loaded  10.0 m
 Draught fully submerged  30.5 m
 Accommodation  100 pers.



Deck length 211.2 m
Deck width 68.0 m
Deadweight 90,000 ton
Dynamic positioning DP2


The vessel is certified by Det Norske Veritas for the class notation: 1A1 SemiSubmersible Heavy Transport Vessel SPS ICE1B DK+ BIS EO RP

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