Mining and fallpipe vessel SIMON STEVIN

In February 2010 the mining and fallpipe vessel SIMON STEVIN was delivered to the Jan de Nul Group. The vessel was built at the Spanish shipyard La Naval. The SIMON STEVIN is the largest sailing fallpipe vessel in the world with a capacity of 33,500 tons. It is also the first 'purpose built' fallpipe vessel, designed to work at great depths.

The vessel transports stones or similar deck loads in two storage units on main deck. These stones are discharged by means of two excavator cranes and conveyor belts via a fall pipe installation, deployed in a moonpool midships. During loading or discharging the vessel is capable of maintaining the list angle constant by means of an automatic ballasting system, consisting of tanks at the sides, filled/emptied by means of electrically driven pumps.

The vessel is equipped for installation of mining crawlers and a riser pipe, discharging into the storage unit. In a superstructure amidships, a storage, launching and recovery system is installed for mounting, launching, supporting, recovering and dismounting the fallpipe and the riser pipe. The vessel is equipped with two ROV's for the fallpipe installation: one fallpipe ROV at the lower end of the fallpipe, for positioning of the fallpipe and one work class ROV, with launching device, for surveying and general operations.

Jan de Nul awarded the contract for the basic design of the vessel as well as the concept design of the mining system and concept and detailed design of the fallpipe system to Vuyk, comprising the following scope of work:


Construction drawings
Arrangements including lines plan, tank capacity plan, WT subdivision plan, mooring plans, anchor arrangement plans, plans for fire control / fire protection / safety, engine room, propulsion room, thruster rooms, switchboard room, etc.
Diagrams of all machinery and ship's systems
FEM Global hull strength analyses
Fatigue analyses for critical details.


General Arrangement Plan, Module Construction Plan, Finite Element calculations and hydrodynamic calculations
Design of fallpipes and fallpipe handling equipment
Arrangement and construction plans of fallpipe handling equipment
Integration of equipment in the module
Arrangement and combination plan of mining crawler LARS.



Principial dimensions   
Length over all  191.50 m 
Breadth moulded 40.00 m
Depth moulded   13.20 m
Draught moulded 8.50 m



Classed by Bureau Veritas as a I HULL MACH AUT-UMS DYNAPOS AM/AT R CLEANSHIP 7+ UnrestrictedNavigation


An air-conditioned accommodation space is arranged above main deck in the fore ship suitable to accommodate 70 persons. All cabins have an integrated wet space.

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