Survey launch

Survey launch

On behalf of a dredging contractor, Vuyk developed a design package to enable the contractor to tender for a state-of-the-art survey launch. The design package included:

  • General Arrangement Plan
  • Main cross section
  • Weight calculation
  • Calculation of Vessel's stability
  • Cost price estimate.


Principal dimensions  
 Length overall maximum 16.00 m 
 Length waterline 15.30 m
 Breadth, mld. maximum 4.50 m
 Depth amidships, mld. 2.40 m
 Complement 4 crew + 4 surveyors
 Accommodation 4-persons cabin, pantry, toilet
 Cruising time / Endurance 96 hours
 Trial speed [under tropical conditions]  9.5 kn
 Main diesel engines  2x 140 kW approx.
 Main generator sets  2x 31 kVA - 3x 415-Volt AC 50 Hz


Survey equipment

The survey equipment included:

  • Two DGPS with provision to get omni star corrections.
  • One Single beam Echo sounder with provision to use Side Scan Sonar.
  • One Multi Beam Echo Sounder
  • One Heave, Roll and Pitch sensor
  • One Current Meter
  • One Magnetometer
  • One Gyrocompass with remote display
  • One Sub-Bottom profiler with Topside Unit, Software and Transducer
  • Hydrographic software -latest version of Hypack
  • Four Personal Computers
  •  One A3 size colour plotter

On the aft deck are fitted:

  • one survey davit of 500 kg SWL, reaching 1.10 m over the side
  • one hoisting winch of 500 kg SWL
  • one towing winch to tow the sub bottom profiler tow fish; pull 100 kg @ 30


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