• Vertical hydraulic transport for deep sea mining

    24 February 2016

    At the bottom of our oceans, kilometers below the sea surface, large amounts of metal-rich deposits are found.

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  • Partnerships in innovation

    03 February 2016

    With our own production facilities, and extensive experience in the fields that we operate in, we are leading the way and represent a reliable partner for any of business collaborations.

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  • LNG-powered dredgers

    28 January 2016

    IHC's efforts in exploring the possibility of an LNG-powered dredging vessel haven’t gone unnoticed. In April 2015, we secured an order for the construction of the world’s first two LNG low-emission dredging vessels for Belgian dredging group DEME. This makes the LNG-powered dredger a perfect example of how our forward thinking pays off. In addition, it creates opportunities to develop more of the same vessels.

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    26 January 2016

    The Sonic Wireline-Operated Remote Drill (SWORD) system is able to collect samples and geotechnical data from the seabed required by companies in the oil and gas, and offshore mining industries to determine the design requirements for subsea infrastructure or mineralisation. One of the key differentiators between IHC SWORD and its competitors is that it incorporates sonic drilling technology into a remote seafloor sampling tool, a technique widely used on land.

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