Clearing the way for decommissioning

Peter Wempe
Peter Wempe
29 December 2017
Over the next years, we are expecting positive growth in the decommissioning market. In the North Sea, more projects are being executed than ever. In addition, oil and gas companies are continually looking for solutions to help them reduce costs and improve efficiency. 

Innovative technology 
With this in mind, IHC IQIP has the unique ability to combine existing technologies into customised solutions. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, we’re aiming to be a full-service provider to customers. At the moment, we’re investing heavily in R&D to achieve significant time and cost savings.

Mitigating risk 
Removing outdated structures involves certain risks, mainly concerning unknown factors. The majority of installations were never intended to be decommissioned, so detailed surveys are needed to analyse how best to raise subsea structures to the surface, and in a safe way. 

That’s why we execute FEM (finite element method) analyses and evaluate the integrity of equipment to be removed. By being involved at an early stage, we can offer the best advice to customers about equipment or studies.

Case study – YME (North Sea) 

One of our recent successes was for Allseas on the YME production platform. We provided an internal lifting tool, which raised three cutting devices into the legs without human intervention (rigger-less). This makes it exceptionally quick and safe. The project was completed seamlessly without incurring any downtime. 

Long-term vision 
Our aim is to explore more challenging waters, where conditions are harsher and underwater structures are heavier and more complex. After all, we already have the studies, equipment and solutions in place to make a positive impact. 

In this way, we’re hoping to further distinguish ourselves in this dynamic market, and use our experience to provide a full service to customers.