Ahead of the curve

The new CurveTooth cutter heads

Hasan Bugdayci
Hasan Bugdayci
15 May 2019

Customers often tell us they want their cutter heads to be stronger, more wear-resistant and capable of higher production. In response, we have extended our cutter head portfolio with a new Curve Tooth system. It caters for 1,000 to 6,000kW cutter suction dredgers (CSDs).

The IHC Curve Tooth cutter head is intrinsically strong and durable. This is thanks to a single-cast cutter body, which means there are no weak points resulting from welding. It’s one piece of continuous material, unlike options in the market, which are welded together after casting.

Inspired by nature

The curved design of the tooth is also stronger and more compact than competitors, and is able to withstand higher strains and stresses with the smallest possible cross-sectional area of the teeth. The cutting segment of the whole tooth is based on a snail’s tooth – highly effective since it is used to scrape food from rocks, and self-sharpening so it doesn’t become blunt over time.

The curved teeth have a small cutting surface and high penetration force so achieve optimal strength versus wear resistance. A patented part of the design, the teeth are unique in the market.



The curved tail design also prevents the teeth from falling out of the adapter, and increases the strength of the tooth, so it is able to withstand forces from different directions during operation.

We designed the locking mechanism with safety in mind and in line with the current standard in the market of hammerless operation. As the mechanism is integrated inside the tooth, it is protected from damage caused by soil or other abrasive materials. It also enables the teeth to be replaced quickly and easily by one person.

Manufactured in Europe, tested in the Middle East

To ensure that the teeth are manufactured from the highest quality material, we have partnered with high-level suppliers in Europe. Different sizes will be available, suitable for handling all types of soils.

We’re now looking forward to testing the first cutter head, the IHC CT 40, which has been fitted to an IHC-built 1,500kW CSD, in the Middle East. The region is ideal for testing our new equipment due to the hard layer of bedrock commonly found below the seabed.

Capable of handling the toughest soils, with teeth mounted on a single-cast body, easy to replace and exceptionally durable, we believe the Curve Tooth cutter head offers the best value for money on the market.