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A prime focus within Royal IHC is to continue to invest in the development of knowledge and skills of our current and future employees. At IHC you can become as successful as you want. We at IHC want you to develop yourself grow and make the next step to more senior or different roles.

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Our recruitment team

  • Andries Timmermans

    Andries Timmermans

    Manager staffing

  • Gerard Eggink

    Gerard Eggink

    Senior recruiter

  • Sander Morijn

    Sander Morijn

    Senior recruiter

  • Sherida Verbeek

    Sherida Verbeek

    Coordinator staffing

  • Jeanne van der Waal

    Jeanne van der Waal

    Coordinator staffing

  • Nicky Koole

    Nicky Koole

    Employer branding advisor