jan de groot

Lead Engineer

‘Making a contribution to shaping the world’

“The cutter suction dredgers (CSDs) in IHC’s Beaver® range may be standard, but they are never boring,” says Jan de Groot, Lead Engineer for the Beaver® series at Royal IHC. “There are always additional requirements that make them different every time.” 
That was also the case with two CSDs that were intended for a dam project in Brazil. An order was made for two standard vessels – a Beaver® 50 and a Beaver® 6518C – that both needed to be customised on fairly short notice. The first was to be shipped eight weeks after the contract was signed. Jan: “It is my job to make sure that the technical drawings of the adjustments are ready for Production and Procurement so that the delivery time can be met.”
Plug and play
IHC produces Beaver® dredgers from stock, so the first vessel was already built at the time the order was signed. However, this was a standard model and it needed some adjustments to meet the customer’s demands. “We added an anchor boom and spud carrier installation, which were also available from stock,” says Jan. “However, the order also included a dredging wheel that wasn’t available yet. We therefore agreed with the customer that we would deliver it with the second dredger. In order to streamline the process, we prepared the Beaver® for the dredging wheel so that when the parts arrived in Brazil later on, it would only be a matter of ‘plug and play’. “
The second Beaver® was in the early phase of construction – from stock – when the order was placed, and had a delivery time of 26 weeks. “With this CSD we were able to fit the adjustments into the construction process,” says Jan. 
Both CSDs were delivered on time and to spec, which isn’t surprising as Jan is a true Beaver® veteran. 
World-shaping projects
“I started my career in the Engineering department at IHC in 1973 and have seen many Beaver® dredgers being built,” says Jan. “I have developed a true passion for these vessels – they are pieces of modern history. I find it fascinating that you can see the results of something we built all over the world. Our CSDs have contributed to world-shaping projects such as the construction of the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal. I am proud to have been a part of that.”