Naval Engineer

Our custom-built vessels are unique. Your challenge will be to roll out innovations and processes often never executed before. The impact of which you will see realised on the slipways of our shipyards in The Netherlands and abroad. You will have countless opportunities to learn. How much depends on you.

Advanced through the stages

Through the different phases of our engineering cycle, IHC opens up various opportunities.


Here, you will turn concepts into system designs, perform calculations, develop plans and diagrams, as well as create arrangement and layout plans. You will ensure full compliance with all requirements and select suppliers that meet the specifications. #equipment and supplier selection #performance calculation #CFD



In this phase, you will develop drawings down to the finest detail. Even the smallest of points can make a big difference. What you deliver, production will bring to life.  #3d hull modelling #pipe and cable tray routing



‘Paper’ is not our product, and this is the point at which concepts become a reality. You will cooperate closely with production to make sure that everything comes together smoothly.  #cooperation #timing #planning #logistics #accuracy


Focus your interests

At IHC, there is an area of specialism to spark every interest. As a Shipbuilding Engineer, you could be an all-rounder who is experienced in various topics. Alternatively, you might choose to concentrate your skills in one of four key areas. Everything is possible at IHC.



You play a pivotal role in ensuring the structural integrity of the vessel, and safeguarding its stability and reliability. #hull #stability #hydrodynamics #model testing



In this area, you guarantee that the vessel functions perfectly. You develop system diagrams and the machinery layout, so that the operator can easily utilise the vessel in all required circumstances. #onboard systems. #drivetrains #electrical and automation systems E&A



This field concentrates on the ship’s key functionality. With the customer order at its heart, you endeavour to deliver maximum value when creating and arranging fully integrated equipment for their vessel. #dredge equipment #offshore cranes #pipe-lay equipment #lifting systems #pumps



You hold a vital responsibility for the safety and security of the ship’s crew. You also work on upholding their comfort and quality of life, and ensure that all rules and regulations are complied with in full. #compliance #comfort #low vibration and noise levels

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