Dual Programme Mechanical Engineering Students


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Job Dual Programme Mechanical Engineering Students
Location Kinderdijk
Discipline Engineering
Education HBO higher vocational education
Position Permanent position
In Short

Royal IHC is launching a dual-track study programme for engineers from universities of applied sciences! 

  1. Open
  2. Interviews scheduled (applications are still possible)
  3. Second round of interviews (check with the recruitment team if applications are still possible)
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  1. Vacancy available
  2. Interviews scheduled
  3. Second round of interviews
  4. Final interviews
  5. Vacancy filled
Your job

In September 2017, the Royal IHC Technical Training Centre (TTC) launched a dual training programme for students of mechanical engineering, naval architecture and maritime engineering at universities of applied sciences. Located in Kinderdijk, The Netherlands, the TTC has a strong reputation in training professionals and in 2011, it was selected as the Best Work Placement Company in the Randstad. 

As a student at a university of applied sciences, you are being offered a training programme within one of the challenging technological and innovative business units of Royal IHC. This will add breadth and depth to your studies by allowing you to work on challenging projects under the supervision of a qualified practical supervisor. Our dual-track programme is distinguished by its broad profile. In the context-rich learning environment of the TTC and at the training site, you will perform practical exercises on installations within the Royal IHC product portfolio. The practical training will enable you to learn as you work on the ships and installations that are being built in our facilities. In the final year, you will have the option of participating in an international work placement. 

After you have successfully completed your training, Royal IHC offers many job opportunities in the areas of engineering and innovation, operations and process innovation, and project management. If you would like to develop further in your discipline, within an innovative, internationally operating company, and you are not afraid to get your hands dirty or hesitate to help our customers around the world, even at unexpected times, this programme is for you. After the programme, you will be employed by Royal IHC.  

Professionalism, independence, customer orientation and safety are essential for practising the profession. You will often be working alone or in a team of specialists engaged in the same type of work. The job will be varied and challenging. Sometimes you will be working on a dredger (e.g. hopper dredger or cutter suction dredger) and other times, you will be working on a pipelaying vessel, a crane vessel or servicing a completed mechanical-engineering installation (e.g. pile driver or lifting tool). 

Your profile

For the 2017/2018 academic year, we are looking for second-year students from universities of applied sciences who would like to develop further through practice-based learning at our Kinderdijk location. To be eligible, you should possess the following core qualities: a good mentality for learning and working; a proactive approach; a desire for self-development and an enterprising capability. The programme consists of:

  • a challenging programme established in collaboration between your school, the TTC and the practical supervisor
  • a wide range of opportunities to develop your talents as broadly and as deeply as possible
  • a learning-rich environment with professional supervision
  • training sites in diverse units of Royal IHC at multiple locations, including abroad
  • customisation: if interest and the curriculum allow, individual learning paths are possible. It is also possible to customise the programme to suit the interests and pace of individual students
  • only candidates with EU work visa (residents) will be considered as viable candidates.

Our offer

During the programme, you will receive a two-year apprenticeship contract at the Royal IHC TTC. We will offer you the opportunity to complete your higher professional education degree in engineering through a dual programme. You will receive a full-time salary and travel expenses. Royal IHC will also assume all costs associated with the training programme. Once you have completed your degree, we will offer you a permanent position in one of the locations of Royal IHC. 

Our organisation

Royal IHC (IHC) is a technology innovator, which means that we are leaders in the development of new technology. Our technology has made us a market leader and, in order to remain a market leader, we need good professionals. We train these professionals ourselves in our Technical Training Centre (TTC). 

IHC is world market leader in the construction of custom-built and standard ships for wet mining and dredging activities, as well as complex offshore ships for the oil and gas industry. We also develop advanced equipment. We do this every day, with more than 3,000 colleagues at approximately 30 locations around the world. Additional information about IHC is available at www.royalihc.com.


Are you interested in a Dual-track study and do you recognise yourself in the job description? Please respond directly through our website: www.royalihc.com/careers or by using the apply button.

For more information about Royal IHC, the vacancy and the application process, please visit www.royalihc.com or call the Staffing department on +31 (0)88-015 4444.


Royal IHC does not approve of commercial, contractor and/or agency acquisition or commercial use of this advertisement. Proposing candidates without invitation is not appreciated and will not be considered by IHC.


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