Working conditions & hiring process

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We offer you a career in a highly successful, dynamic organisation where technology is placed at the forefront of modern-day capabilities. You will have ample opportunity to grow and develop, and your personal qualities and talents will be nurtured. IHC also provides a range of positive corporate benefits. Alongside your salary, you will receive reimbursement of your travel costs, an annual profit share, a highly beneficial pension scheme and appropriate training courses and sessions. In addition, you will receive at least 40 days of leave each year.
We strive to make your working week as pleasant as possible. Part of this, of course, means working in an environment that is safe, clean and green. Safety, environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility are factors we constantly take into consideration, and that also applies to our occupational health provision. Your wellbeing is extremely important to us. Social and political developments have resulted in people being required to work for longer periods of time, which is not an issue provided you are mentally and physically healthy. IHC is delighted to provide assistance in this. We offer a range of benefits that you would not find at the majority of companies. These include our company doctor, health manager, the Fitness Health Centre and our physiotherapist.
But it doesn't stop there. Enjoy going for a weekly run? Want to begin the day with a few laps in the swimming pool? Or relaxing after a busy period with a bit of yoga? These are all options provided to you by IHC.  


Applications to IHC may only be submitted via this website. A link to the application form for the role concerned is next to each vacancy. You can upload your CV here, after which some of your details will be filled into the form automatically by the system. Check the fields, fill in any that remain and correct your details if necessary. Then you can upload a short covering letter and send the application form. 

Based on your CV and covering letter, we may invite you to an initial orientation interview. This will be between you and an HR advisor and/or manager from the relevant department. The interview will involve us telling you about the company, the department and the role for which you have applied. As you might expect, you are central in this discussion and we'd be delighted to hear more about your story, your background, your experience and your motivation. We will of course give you the chance to ask questions, which is something we really value!

Providing that the initial interview is positive for both parties, a second interview will take place in which somebody from the department will usually be present. This potential future colleague will be able to tell you more about the work and atmosphere in the department. This allows you to gain a clear impression of your prospective colleagues and of the environment in which you will work. During this interview, we will go into more detail as regards your profile in order to see whether you are a good match, and at the same time, you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions that have arisen following the initial interview.

Working conditions often come up during this interview but, if necessary, a separate interview can be set up to discuss these. For some roles, it is necessary to complete an online test or assessment. A reference check or background check may also be required.