Close dredging partnership in India

Supporting successful port operator Adani Group with equipment and services to build and maintain numerous ports in India


In 2005, the Adani Group (Adani) approached Royal IHC to establish its own dredging fleet. New to the industry, it was looking for a strong partner to supply reliable dredging equipment and offer support. To date, IHC has supplied ten IHC Beaver® dredgers and a number of booster pumps. Two Beagle® 8 trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHDs) are currently under construction.


How to design and build the most efficient TSHD

Exponential growth

Since 2005, Adani has achieved exponential growth. Since starting dredging operations on its own, the company has constructed numerous ports all across India. Fast availability of new dredging equipment was crucial in order to keep up with the rate of development. IHC was able to deliver the Beavers® from stock to ensure the equipment was quickly available.

Green field, zero experience

When Adani Group started dredging on its own in 2005, the company had no experience operating and maintaining dredging vessels. IHC, with its long track record of building CSDs and training operators and crew to use their equipment optimally, was the perfect partner for port operator Adani to set sail with and start a successful dredging division.

Hard soil

On some dredging sites, Adani must deal with hard soil types. For this work, it is essential that the CSDs deployed on the project have the capacity and the correct equipment on board to handle it. IHC has taken this into account with Adani’s fleet of IHC Beaver® dredgers.

Remote locations

Some of the new ports that Adani is building can be found in remote locations. IHC Beaver® dredgers are easy to transport in order to reach these destinations. In addition, our local service centre in Mumbai is able to dispatch service engineers to even the most remote areas in order to support Adani with maintenance and repair tasks.

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