Dredging knowledge

An optimal operation not only requires a modern dredger, but also a dedicated and well-educated crew, with sufficient knowledge and skills to operate the dredger efficiently. To enable the Brazilian crew  to work safely and effectively with the installations on board, IHC provided an extensive on-the-job operator training.

The training involved the operation of the two delivered cutter suction dredgers. Highly skilled and experienced Dutch dredge masters were available to provide practical instructions on board of the dredgers. Besides subjects related to dredging processes, operational and maintenance aspects were also covered.

The participants improved their understanding of governing operational aspects of the two cutter suction dredgers. After a three-month training programme they found the vessels very easy to use and learned to operate their dredger in an efficient and safe way. The overall results of this training are enhanced operational skills of the Brazilian crew and reduction of downtime and optimised production, leading directly to the reduction of operational costs.