The customer required reliable equipment with high suction capabilities and large dredging depths while at the same time only regular, routine maintenance is necessary during operation. The JATUARANA I is a 47.2m IHC Beaver® 6518 C cutter suction dredger. It is equipped with a single high-pressure submerged dredge pump, mounted on the ladder. The dredge pump is directly driven by the diesel engine, and operates via the IHC Pivoting Gearbox. It is positioned directly behind the cutter – closer to the suction mouth – enabling good suction capabilities at larger dredging depths. The diameter of the delivery pipeline is 650mm, and the maximum dredging depth is 18m. The second vessel is a 32.3m IHC Beaver® 50, the JATUARANA II. Smaller than the JATUARANA I, it is ideal for working closer to the river bank in shallower water.

The use of high-efficiency pumps and wear resistant materials helps the Santo Antonio Civil Consortium to control their operational costs and optimize the uptime of the vessels.The consortium has almost no issues with these dredgers, which means that the crew are available to do their normal work rather than spend some of their time fixing things. With this reduction in downtime, they are able to reach their deadlines and plan for the future. The two IHC Beaver® dredgers for CSAC work highly efficient. They have a high output against low costs. Per month, they reach an average production of 300,000-350,000m3 dredged material.