Flexible solutions for guaranteed performance

IHC Offshore Energy integrated cable lay spread is designed to increase the efficiency of offshore operations. The modular design enables rapid mobilisation and demobilisation which allows for greater vessel versatility. Combining our ability to provide new and rental equipment, we ensure maximum flexibility for future ventures.

In 2020, Global Marine Group awarded Royal IHC a contract for the design and delivery of an integrated power cable lay spread to be installed on its newly chartered vessel, NORMAND CLIPPER.

The spread is optimised for inter-array cable lay and includes a patented quadrant handling system for second-end deployment operations. The equipment also includes IHC’s 15Te break-back tensioners and an overarching control system. This integrates the control of the carousel, tensioners and quadrant handling system, which lowers operating costs by reducing the required number of operators. The integrated control system allows ten pieces of equipment to be controlled simultaneously from just two control positions. In addition, automatic functions reduce the amount of input required from operators during loading and lay.

Furthermore, the modular design of the spread enables rapid mobilisation and demobilisation. This allows for greater versatility with regard to the type of contracts the vessel can carry out, ensuring flexibility for future operations. 

The NORMAND CLIPPER has now successfully installed 72 inter-array cables at Danish Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm. Despite COVID-19 restrictions and the associated challenges, extreme weather, and complex seabed conditions the project was completed successfully.

Royal IHC has over 25 years of industry experience in supplying cable lay equipment and an impressive record of delivering more than 50 similar projects to date. 


The key features

  • Cablelay vessel


    Royal IHC can supply integrated cable lay spreads for existing or newly built vessels. We are also able to build components locally, reducing transport and building costs, and involving regional supply chains.

  • Modular


    The modular concept for the spread means that the entire spread can be rapidly demobilised to allow the vessel to alter between power and fibre optic cable lay modes.

  • Rental


    Royal IHC offers short-, medium- and long-term rentals of modular and flexible cable lay equipment from our locations in Europe or our local offices such as China, the USA and Singapore. These services range from the short-term rental of a single piece of equipment to complete life-cycle rental solutions for full back deck spreads.

Modular design, great versatility

Cable lay Tensioners

2 x 15t Breakback - Cable lay tensioners with a two-track, vertical configuration and breakback system to allow quadrant passage. Spread features a wrap around system to improve efficiency of second end operation.

Chutes & Trackway

2 x 5m MBR Stern Chutes - Chutes include access to provide visibility of cable during deployment and fairleads for winch wires to control quadrant during deployment

Integrated Control System

The integrated control system allows ten pieces of equipment to be controlled simultaneously from just two control positions.

Modular Design

Spread designed to be easily removed to allow the vessel to carry out other types of work.

Quadrant Deployment System

4m MBR quadrant and dedicated quadrant deployment frame. This allows for safe and easy overboarding of the quadrant with only one controlled motion meaning that a crane is not needed for this operation. This patented system ensures that the minimum bend radius is maintained whilst the cable is being overboarded.


3 x Winches control the quadrant during deployment. AHC system included across all winches to improve control during touchdown.