Customer finance solutions

In the past ten years, Adani has been a loyal customer to IHC, with ten cutter suction dredgers acquired and two IHC Beagle® TSHDs on order. With each return, Adani chose to pursue an ECA (export credit agency)-supported loan to finance its investment in IHC equipment. A substantial number of IHC equipment buyers opt for ECA financing, structures supported by the Dutch state that offer favourable terms and conditions based on the export of Dutch capital goods. IHC can help its customers to achieve the most efficient ECA-financing structures by finding the right bank in its network, optimally adjusting contractual payment conditions to the loan structure, and by coordinating the overall ECA process.

Each time Adani ordered new equipment, it chose which bank to work with itself. IHC Customer Finance Solutions proactively teamed up with the bank to help raise the financing package. In close cooperation, IHC liaised with the ECA, the bank and Adani, thereby coordinating the overall process. With its in-depth involvement, IHC was in a perfect position to help ‘connect the dots’ for all parties, which eventually helped achieve the financial structure Adani sought. Repeat adoption of this financial collaboration prove the IHC Customer Finance Solutions formula to be a successful one.

Through Customer Finance Solutions, IHC strives to offer financial solutions for all of  its products. Given the extensive variety of products IHC provides, its range of  financial solutions and network are equally extensive. Among other benefits, IHC offers attractive payment terms, supplier credits, commercial financing, rental- and leasing solutions as well as (ECA-supported) buyers’ credits.