Challenging ground conditions in the Port of Antwerp call for a reliable and powerful pile driving hammer to install 20 monopiles


Herbosche Kiere was contracted to install 20 monopiles for 2 separate projects in the Port of Antwerp. Ground conditions in this area are particularly challenging due to the composition of the clay in the port. This clay is known as boom clay, a stiff clay.

The first project comprised of 7 monopiles for the expansion of a jetty each with a diameter of 2,660mm and a length of 44m, installed up to 500mm above the waterline. The second project comprised 13 piles, each with a diameter of 2,900mm and a length of 33m, installed up to 800mm above the waterline for a mooring stage. To get the job done, Herbosch Kiere needed a highly efficient and reliable piling hammer.



The Waterhammer S-500W proved to be the ideal solution for this project. This powerful piece of piling equipment can be used for all piling jobs, including driving pipeline initiation piles, piles for jackets, conductors and mooring systems. The Waterhammer was easily able to ensure the piles in Antwerp reached their desired penetration depth.

In addition to its multi-applicability, the Waterhammer is also unique since it uses water (fresh or salt) as medium instead of hydraulic oil. It was originally designed for use in (ultra)deep water up to 3,000 metres. By using water, which is available in abundance, the Waterhammer overcomes the technical limitation of pumping oil to and from such depths. Additional benefit is the fact that the risk of accidental oil leaks is eliminated.

the S-500W hydrohammer explained

The Waterhammer® was developed by IHC IQIP for use in ultra-deep water up to 2,000m.

Water power pack wp1000w

Can handle 1000 l/m on 415 bar.

Plastic Lower bearing

Water lubricated

water Hydraulic  valve ring

One piece forged duplex ring.


One piece forged stainless steel.


Up to 250 bar cap pressure for ultra-deep water.


Wide range of pile sleeves available for the Waterhammer.


9.338 km
21 meters
Water depth
350.000 m3
20 pilles
36 Vessel
72 hours
For completion


The piles were installed quickly and securely using IHC IQIP’s Waterhammer S-500W. Both projects were completed within three days, from the start to the demobilisation of the equipment. Working efficiently – both on preparation and on site – ensured a fast completion, while clear communication and reliable equipment resulted in an excellent collaborative process with the customer.