IHC IQIP’s Integrated Monopile Installer wins Maritime Innovation Award

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01 November 2016

The Integrated Monopile Installer – developed by Royal IHC’s subsidiary, IHC IQIP – has won the Maritime Innovation Award at the 11th Maritime Awards Gala, held on Monday 31 October. The award is presented annually for a Dutch innovation from the maritime sector that meets the requirements for widespread potential application, excellent marketing prospects and sufficient export possibilities. 

The chair of the judging panel, Ir. Hans Huisman, presented the award to IHC IQIP’s Executive Director Jan Albert Westerbeek. The judges singled out the Integrated Monopile Installer for the award due to the distinctive combination of innovations within a single system and its promotion of corporate social responsibility. The system allows monopile foundations to be installed efficiently and safely, and mitigates noise during pile-driving. In addition, it effectively reduces costs while offering environmental protection.

The Integrated Monopile Installer
The system is an optimal combination of both knowledge and equipment that enhances the process of installing monopile wind turbine foundations. By seamlessly integrating technologies, the Integrated Monopile Installer reduces operation times, creates a safer working environment and increases the level of precision during offshore installations. 

The Noise Mitigation System component creates a sealed-off environment, separate from external currents and waves, and mitigates the noise released during pile-driving. Both the optimisation of the installation process and the environmental protection will extend the use of monopiles as wind turbine foundations.

IHC IQIP company profile
Royal IHC’s subsidiary, IHC IQIP, is a global market leader in innovative equipment and smart solutions for foundations, installation and decommissioning activities in the oil and gas, offshore wind, and coastal and civil engineering markets. IHC IQIP was established in 2015 following the merger of four renowned Royal IHC business units: IHC Hydrohammer, IHC Fundex Equipment, IHC Handling Systems and IHC Seasteel. These units have more than 200 years of combined experience, expertise and passion for innovation. 




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    IHC IQIP’s Integrated Monopile Installer wins Maritime Innovation Award


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